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Common Issues in Individual Therapy

Do any of the following apply to you?


-Do you have a sense that something isn’t right and that there must be the possibility of more joy, peace, and calm than you’ve ever known?

-Are you experiencing daily or weekly anxiety or depression that can be hard to deal with or debilitating?

-Have you ever experienced trauma or are you having panic or anxiety attacks or PTSD symptoms?

-Have you ever felt like and been bothered by the sense that “nobody gets you?”

-Are you unsure of your sexual orientation or gender? Or, have you experienced homophobia or transphobia from either family, friends, or even strangers? Have you felt shamed about your gender? Has coming out been a difficult, hurtful, alienating, or even horrible experience, due to the reactions of others?

-Do you experience intense emotions that are almost unbearable to live with, or are you unable to make sense of your feelings?

-Or do you feel numb and can’t feel your feelings or can’t identify what you feel?

-Did you immigrate to Canada and it was much harder than you ever thought it would be? Do you feel isolated in your experience as an immigrant or refugee, with nobody to talk with about these difficulties?

-Are your relationships less than satisfying?

-Are you intensely self-critical and would like to learn to like yourself but can’t find any reasons why, or a road map to do so?

-Are you overloaded with a deep sense of guilt or shame and can’t seem to find any way out of it?

-Do you lack self-confidence or self-esteem?

I am here to help. I have helped many hundreds of individuals with these and similar issues.

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